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About NBA Office Products

NBA Office Products Inc. is a minority owned and certified small business headquartered in the District of Columbia. Perhaps most importantly. NBA Office Products Inc. is a company designed around the values we believe will delight our customers. Our on-line ordering system, unique corporate structure and $24 billion dollar purchasing power will save our customers thousands, not only on everyday orders, but also on the total cost of procurement.

NBA Office Products Inc. has been able to achieve these extraordinary goals by taking advantage of the newest cost cutting trends and technological advances in the office products industry. We discovered that too many small independent office supply companies were duplicating backroom and delivery services and logistics, therefore wasting millions of dollars that could be passed on as savings to our customers. With that in mind, NBA Office Products Inc. decided to join forces with three office supply companies that had successfully overcome these challenges 5 years earlier by forming a service company to handle all of the redundant duties that they each separately had devoted valuable resources to achieve. By taking these simple steps, NBA Office Products, Inc. has been able to accomplish the following:
  • Next day delivery and a 98% fill rate on orders.
  • Telephone calls answered by a friendly, well trained customer service representative within 30 seconds, 98% of the time.
  • The ability to provide office products, furniture, breakroom products, promotional products and printing from one source.
  • Our powerful and user-friendly Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise and e-commerce system.
  • Time to focus on what is most important: advising and taking care of our customer’s every day needs.
Nevin Byrd - President/Owner of NBA Office Products

Nevin Byrd - President/Owner of NBA Office Products.

Nevin has done it all in the Office Supplies and Furniture industry.  From filling orders, driving trucks, Customer Service, and outside Sales, Nevin knows what is needed and expected at every level affecting a customer. He and his associates bring this wealth of experience to every client they work with.