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Furniture and Interiors

NBA is extremely pleased to present you with information on the outstanding services that we provide in the area of office interiors. Our associates include the most knowledgeable professionals in interior design and installation.

Our philosophy at NBA is that workspaces must “work” for people. Whether you wish to build on the furniture you have on hand, or start from scratch, Impact is capable and ready to assist you.

We begin with an evaluation of your business operation, taking into consideration traffic areas, paper movement, space requirements, data processing needs and financial resources. Based on your requirements, we will provide a comprehensive workspace design – coordinating furniture, lighting, wall coverings, window treatments, carpeting and panel systems that will make optimum use of vertical space. Our full-service space planning team will save steps, square feet and money.

We would welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal and bid for your future office growth and/or renovation. We are committed to providing your organization with our knowledge, service and experience. Please consider NBA Office Products in the process of coordinating all the details that will make your project successful. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Q2 Butterfly Chair

Glove Chair

In Stock, Full leather chair for Managers or Conference room. For a greater selection of Q@ chairs check us out on line. Just search for "q2 Chairs".